Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Solar Powered Flashlight

          This is a solar powered flashlight. Our class designed these with Kenyan students. We communicated to each other by sending videos and talking to get to know more about each other and our lifestyles. We created these solar powered flashlights to help people be able to see and to use our natural resources instead of artificial things that are hard to get and bad for the earth. In this photo, you see a 3D printed box with cords in the inside, a solar panel on top, and two lights sticking out as the light for the flashlight. My favorite part about this project is that I got to talk to people from a whole different part of the world with different customs and traditions. I learned many things about how people in Kenya live and that not everyone has dishwashers, electronics, laundry machines and all sorts of other things that help us get simple tasks done. I hope my Kenyan pen pal enjoyed this project and i hope that our solar powered flashlight invention helps many people.

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